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Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro



<strong>Verified low price!</strong> You’re unlikely to find a cheaper price elsewhere
Verified low price! You’re unlikely to find a cheaper price elsewhere

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Are you searching for a drone x pro?

Do you want to capture amazing pictures and videos from the top of the sky?

We all know that it’s not possible to get a premium quality drone at an affordable price. But don’t be sad, now it’s possible.

Here you will get the premium quality drone having the latest features on your budget.

Introducing Drone X Pro-

dronex pro

DroneX Pro is the SUPERMACHINE which can be controlled by any individual easily.

It is the best cheap drone which you will not find anywhere.

If you are interested in aerial photography then this drone is definitely for you.

Drone x pro price is really very affordable and one of the best drone under $100 price.

It helps the user to take stunning shots from the top of the sky which he/she had not imagined before. Today you will get to know the power of a drone xpro.

DroneX Pro Specs (Why you’ll love it)-

  • Carry It Anywhere- It has four foldable arms. It means you can just fold it, put it in your bag and can carry with you anywhere you want.
  • Stable Flight- It has an Altitude hold mode function which provides stable flight while flying.
  • Control with your Phone- It has inbuilt Wifi which helps you to connect it to a dronex pro app. With the help of this app, you can take pictures, video, real-time transmission through the phone camera image. It helps to control the drone better.
  • Click Amazing Pictures- Two cameras have been attached on the drone. It will help you to take a wide range of high definition pictures and videos clearly.
  • Personal camera selection- This drone x pro comes with two camera models, i.e, 2MP 720p HD and 2MP 1080p Ultra HD. Both the model captures almost the same quality pictures but on some aspects, 1080p model beats the 720p model. You can choose any model according to your budget and interest.
  • Make it Fly High- It has a headless mode in it which helps you to launch the drone directly without wasting your time by adjusting its position.
  • Longlasting fun- You can add 3 batteries together in this drone x pro. By having 3 batteries installed, you will never get out of battery and can enjoy the amazing moment for a long time.
  • Premium bag- You can also buy an additional premium quality bag for drone xpro. You can put your drone in it and can take with you anywhere you want. It will also protect your drone from any accidental drop damage.

Endless Benefits-

  • Never Get Lost- Its remote has a ‘one key to return‘ button on it which gives a signal to the drone to come back to the remote carry person. This makes your drone super safe which decreases the chance of drone getting lost.
  • Made for Future- Adopted 2.4GHz Technology in it which covers almost every features of a premium quality drone.
  • 360° Flying- It has four-channel in it by which gives you the power to rotate it 360°. You can even roll it to enhance your overall experience.
  • Control the Speed- The drone has a three-level flight speed which helps to control its speed.
  • Solid and Superlight- The Quadcopter fuselage is made up of high strength and resistant engineering plastics. It makes the drone lightweight and durable resistance.
  • Brighten pictures- It also has an LED light in front of it which helps to take bright shots even in the night time. You will only find positive drone x pro reviews on the internet. Its really worth it.

How much does a DroneX Pro weigh?

drone xpro

Drone x pro weight is 360g.

It is a super lightweight drone compare to other heavy drones. You can easily take this drone with you, anywhere you want. 

How high can a drone x pro fly?

A Drone x pro can fly up to 150 feet away from the ground. It will never lose its remote connection while flying.

You can control it with the help of the remote given in the box only. Don’t worry, It is one of the best drones for a beginner.

How to set up and fly drone x pro?

how high can a drone x pro fly

As I had mentioned before that it is a beginner-friendly drone. So you don’t need to do much hard work for starting this drone.

Just follow this instructions step by step to make the drone activate-

  1. Unbox the drone.
  2. Charge it for 60-70 minutes.
  3. Open the instruction manual given in the box.
  4. Scan the QR Code given in the manual. It will take you on an app.
  5. Install it.

Now just follow the instruction given in the drone x pro manual. It is very simple to follow.

Step by step instructions has given in the manual itself. You will not face any issue installing it. It will hardly take 10-15 minutes to make the drone activate.

Also, it’s a one-time installation process only. You don’t have to give 10-15 minutes every time to fly the drone. So, relax.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q.1- What if the drone does not fly balance?

A- During flight when the drone is offset, Click on the ‘Fine-tune’ button (Given on its remote control) of reverse direction until the problem is solved.

Q.2- What if the dronex pro can’t take off?

A- Check the propeller to make sure it was installed correctly. Diagonal propellers must be in the same direction. For proper installation, follow its user manual instructions.

Q.3- What if the motor does not spin?

A- Check the motor to see if anything got stuck in the motor like hair, string, dust etc.

Q.4- How many batteries do I get in the package?

A- It depends upon the model you choose while ordering. If you choose the model ‘2MP x 3 Battery (1080p)’, you will get 2 batteries separately in the package only and one battery attached in the drone x pro itself.

(If this didn’t solve your problem then feel free to contact us. We can solve it for you.)

Package Includes-

1 x DroneX Pro
4 x Protection Cover
1 x Transmitter
1 x 3.7V 500mAh Lipo Battery
(Note: You can choose the quantity of dronex pro battery while ordering).
1 x USB Charging Cable
4 x Spare Blades
1 x Screwdriver
1 x User Manual

You definitely don’t want that drone x pro price will get increased and cost you same like other costly drones.

drone x pro

Bring the Drone X Pro today to capture memorable shots & live the life to the fullest.

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